Wear for Change sponsors science!


Wear for Change is a clothing line designed by David White.

Money from every T-shirt purchase is donated to a group of scientists and environmental activists who are fight against climate change and corporate and political attacks on science. The Union of Concerned Scientists is a strong independent voice for everyone who knows global warming is an immediate and devastating problem.

"Notorious climate deniers have taken over key science and environmental positions in Congress, and they're pushing ExxonMobil's anti-science agenda. We need your help to fight misinformation and put science in front of policy makers."


10% of the profit from every t-shirt sale is given to the Union of Concerned Scientists, a nonprofit science advocacy organization based in the USA. Now more than ever, it is crucial to fund scientific research to help solve humankind's most formidable challenges, including global warming. Visit their website to donate directly.

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Wear for Change T-shirts are soft, durable, and made in a WRAP-certified factory
Wear for Change is a project based in New Orleans, LA.
The patterns are unique, drawn by David White